Anxiety, babies & the most Rewarding Job

I generally am an anxious person when it comes to new things. I spend a bit of time worrying, questioning whether its the right thing. There is that feeling of excitement generating throughout my body. I experience self doubt & the insecure feelings flood in. So as I work towards new things, things that scare and excite me all at the same time, I am constantly reminding myself of the end goals. Then one night, as I was called upon to help out another company, with not so much notice, I jumped in head first to finally step into the long awaited role as a doula. I found myself, standing outside the house of my first postpartum client. It was late at night, and all I felt was calm and confident. As I stepped in the door, it was an energy of quiet, upstairs a resting mom and baby.
This type of work environment was almost foreign to me, I have always had high energy, fast paced jobs. This was it ! … I may not have been at my home, but I was home. I sat in a quiet house, a mom lay beside me, delirious with fatigue and joy of her new baby. This tiny 6.5lb human was under my watch I have spent countless days, afternoons and hours with babies, I even nannied for 3 years. But it always amazes me seeing a newborn for the 1st time. Each one is different, the nose, the mouth, the chin …. each cry, each and every wrinkle are all unique. Oh how I gush!!!
So after I took in the delight of said little girl, it is now time to turn to the other important person … MOM! All she needed from me was to let her sleep. And to anyone that has ever had a baby, this is a cherished thing at day 1, 2, 3, … who am I kidding, pretty sure your child can be 65 and you still loose sleep over your worry. So thats what I did, I reassured her, I gave her comfort. I did my job as I was trained, non-judgmental exceptional support.
I have to say, sitting there, on my 1st night, the thought that went through my head over and over again … This is my job? I get to be this person in the room that a mother is counting on, during the most important days of new life … how cool is that.

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