The Authentic Me

After training as a Doula, the studying, the preperation. There was one thing I just couldnt train for. That was the “Authentic Me”. I took this concern to my work partner, my mentor and my inner me! I actually was so concerned about not being able to channel that natural soothing voice, touch and comfort. All the things I know that I have, all the things people love about me. So walking into the Labor and Delivery for the first time, nearly had me do a U turn! But wait! Wait I got this!

They say that women that decide to train to be a Doula, were born Doula’s! To paint you a picture of an everyday Doula, she is the one you call to be a sounding board. She is the one you hear from out of the blue. She is the one who calls/texts you because she got wind of some sadness in your life. She is the one who gives the best hugs. She is the one with the soothing touch. And for some she is the person holding your hand as life is brought into this world. 

I think what brought me confidence, was my mom. Trying to embody all the qualities of the lovely human she was. This combined with my training; I was like a fully stocked equipment manager! 

Its funny how we doubt ourselves. My only advice to you and even a reminder to myself; We are our ‘Authentic Selves’, we are all that when we stop questioning it, stop overthinking it (one of my biggest hurdles), let our natural voice come to us! When this happens, our natural intincts have no hurdles to climb, and we are us.

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