Top tips on how to survive the holiday season & stay healthy

It happens to the best of us, I received my 1st cold of the season right after my trip to Mexico. It’s been an unwanted house guest that has definitely overstayed it’s welcome. 

So how do we battle the colds naturally? Here are my top tips on how to survive the holidays and stay healthy! 

Sleep. I can’t stress the importance of sleep all year long. So why do we push ourselves during the holiday season? After all, Holidays generally are suppose to be for rest and relaxation. 

Know your limits & listen to your body. There is no FOMO for this gal when it comes to sleep. I know there will be another party. 

Where a sleep mask or use black out curtains

Sneak in that afternoon nap

Hydration. It’s no secret that most, of not everyone reading this may be indulging in some festive beverages. It’s also the time of year many of us start to limit our water intake due to the change of weather to chilly temperatures. 

Start your morning with lemon water. 

Replace your cold water with herbal teas or warm lemon water.

Balance your bevy’s with water; 1:1.

Don’t forget your nutrients. If you find yourself busy with too many lunch & dinner invites. Remind yourself to make conscious choices at each and every meal.

Fill your plate with veggies, don’t skip the dark leafy greens this time of year! 

Say no to that second plate 

Make 1 meal count, Have an immune boosting smoothie or hearty vegetable soup.

Chew your food.

Be the party hero & offer to be designated driver. Why not skip the drinks to ensure your friends & family have a safe ride home. 

Supplement. To help keep us healthy all year long this is my top supplements that everyone should be taking. 

Probiotics: keeping that guy happy, while assisting in digestion & supporting the immune system

Vitamin C: supporting the immune system 

Vitamin D: during the winter months it is so important that all ages take Vit D

Magnesium: crucial for enzyme reactions including, metabolism, nerve transmission, energy production, muscle contraction, bones & blood.

Immune Support: there are many different companies out there that produce excellent immune boosting combinations. 

And if your feel something coming on:

Oil of Oregeno


Amp up that Vit C

Exercise. Our bodies & mind run on overtime most of the year. Stress is often excellerated during the holidays. Take time for yourself & your body. 




Winter walks or skating 


Be mindful, be thankful & know your limits. There is no better time to thank yourself than to end of the year, while we make positive intentions for the next chapter.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours ❤️

Warm Regards,


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