Transitioning into Your Emotional Body

We are told all our lives to keep our emotions in check.

As a baby we are hushed, when that’s the only voice we have.

As a toddler we are told to stop crying, when its the only way we know how to get immediate attention.

Through our teens we are told to grow up, when we have no idea we are losing our innocence.

As young adults we are told to suck it up, because this is how life is.

So what happens when we give in to that emotional body. That truth that we have been ignoring.

I have to admit, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Anyone that knows me well, knows this. They know when I’ve had a bad day, when I’m sad, when I hurt and even when I’m HAN-gry (hungry for all those non millennials reading this).

I have spent so much time the past 8 months making a huge mental shift. A shift I never recognized that was available to me or that I was discouraged from exploring. I have found more room for truth and less room for emotional pain that no longer serves me.

I started to notice where I was spending my energy. Although I was starting to notice all these subtle changes, I was trying my best to fight it. Fight that emotional body and where it wanted to take me.


Loving myself and the things I offer to my family, friends and community will always help me through tough times. I work hard, I work hard at my jobs, I work hard for my own business and I work hard for my own body. There are many things that make up this, but self love should always be a priority. If we can’t respect and look after our own mind, body and spirit, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a steady stream of giving. Looking inward and being honest with how much we give and how much we need. Emotionally stripping never served me long term, it lowered my immune system, I became lethargic, frequent colds and all around moody.


This is the biggest thing (among many other lessons) I have learned being open to this emotional shift is realizing that there are some things in life you cannot find balance in, no matter how hard you try. Forcing something that will forever hold you back, proves time and time again it will not fit into your life.

Let go

It was clear to me that it was time to Let go. Letting go of something, means making room for bigger and better things. Sometimes this is challenging, sometimes this is scary, but sometimes it will be the best decision you will ever make.

These past few months have been a challenge but as I move forward it has become the most welcomed challenge.

May is a month of TRANSITIONS, as we move into this new beginning, I empower you to trust within yourself. Trust that spring brings us new life, new beginnings and new opportunities.

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