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Meet Rachel

Rachel Hines is a trained labour and postpartum doula. Originally from Hamilton, she moved to Toronto after post-secondary studies, but once again calls Hamilton home with her husband, two young sons, and cat. After taking time off to be with her children, she is excited to start supporting families again.

Working in social media and community management for almost a decade, Rachel chose to focus her career on doula work. From the beginning of her first pregnancy, she became enamored with every detail of the birth experience, and the value of a great support system. She is using her experience as a full-time mother to support families who are starting on their own journeys into parenthood and life with a newborn.

In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing with her husband and sons, crocheting, making crafts, listening to podcasts, and finding the best mochas in the city.

Rachel is a graduate of Brock University with a BA in Popular Culture, and attended postgraduate studies at Niagara College for Public Relations. She completed her doula training and certification through ProDoula in 2016.

Why I love being a Doula

After the birth of my first son in 2014, postpartum depression crept in, and I found myself struggling in our condo with a baby who just wouldn’t sleep unless he was touching me. My husband worked long hours, and I didn’t have a close support system, which left me feeling alone and overwhelmed.

In 2016, after some love and encouragement from a dear friend who had recently completed her doula training, I signed up for a training myself. I felt like being a doula was a perfect fit for my personality and interests. I have always loved helping people, and have a strong desire to continue learning and expand my knowledge. I have always been the quiet friend - the one that’s always listening, is always supportive, is always encouraging, and always has some information in my back pocket.

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because I experienced all of that first hand, I am able to help families navigate these sometimes scary times of their lives. I want to be able to give families the non-judgmental and unbiased support and information they need, (and may not have) during pregnancy, labour, and the fourth trimester, because it truly does take a village.

Favorite Comfort Measure during labor?

During my labours; I found standing and swaying very beneficial in between contractions.

When supporting clients; If they are able, going for a walk, sitting on a birth/yoga ball, and massage.

Favorite Mom inspiration account via social media?

Favorite handmade baby store?


Rachel Hines

Rachel will be joining Baby Beets as a Doula offering Labor support. She has so much to offer & is excited to support our community. Contact us today to book your free in person consult!

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