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What clients are saying!

I’ve been lucky enough to have Catherine by my side during my first pregnancy. She has this special ability to comfort as well as educate at the same time. Knowing I can go to her with any questions I have, ranging from basic “what to expect?”  to more specific topics, including staying healthy while maintaining a vegan lifestyle during pregnancy, has really put my mind at ease. Her soothing nature paired with her holistic knowledge has made this a truly wonderful experience. I can’t thank her enough.


Danielle P - Nutrition & Doula Support

"We both work long hours and love the 'grab and go' convenience of Catherine's cooking: delicious, healthy, low sodium food. We also love the time saving of having Catherine pick up our other grocery needs. All with a smile. What's not to love?"


Kelly & Robin - Grocery Service

I enjoyed meeting Catherine at a local coffee shop where we discussed my issues with food, pregnancy, and everything in between. She provided me with food and supplement suggestions and followed up several times. I highly recommend her. 

M.L. - Pregnancy Nutrition Support

Catherine far surpassed my expectations.  I had the most beautiful postpartum experience.  I highly recommend her services. It’s a small investment that can help build a beautiful start to your relationship with your baby and keep your family in a place of peace and calm.  

Sarah - Birth & Postpartum Support

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